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Today our experienced casino gamers and bloggers decided to tell you about the best slots on the Internet. Not all slot machines have high recoil rates or a user-friendly control panel, that would allow for convenient and comfortable gameplay. For a successful gaming process, it is important to choose a high-quality slot, that will allow the gamer to get the desired result. And with the help of the knowledge and experience of our gamers and casino bloggers, every novice player will be able to understand how to choose the right best payout slots, how to conduct the gameplay so that it brings real rewards.

When choosing a slot machine, it is important to pay attention to such an indicator as to the payout percentage. This concept means the average amount of money that will be returned to the player in the form of winnings. This reward is related to the size of the investment (a bet) on which slots have the best payout. The higher the RTP percentage, the more likely you are to receive a generous reward.

How To Find The Payout Percentage On Slot Machines

Speaking about the percentage of payments of slot machines (an RTP indicator), it is worth noting that online slots and offline slots work under the same conditions. All technical indicators of the two categories are identical. If the casino is reliable and conducts transparent activities, then all the slot machines that are present in its game library are licensed, which means that the data on the slot in its technical passport correspond to reality.

As a rule, by going to the online casino page and choosing a particular slot machine, players can go to the “Info” tab and read all the data about the emulator. The following data will be indicated there:

  • RTP metrics (the b est online slots payout percentage);
  • the number of lines and reels;
  • a minimum and maximum rate;
  • emulator symbols and the cost of each symbol;
  • other useful information.

Based on this data, the client can find out all the technical features of the slot. If there is no such data, then you can contact the online casino administration directly and get answers to your questions.

Return-To-Player. What does RTP mean in slots?

To understand what is the generosity of slot machines, let’s understand the concept of RTP. RTP is the percentage of the size of the bets, that the slot machine returns to the players. This percentage is individual for each slot machine. In the society of gamers, it is generally accepted that if a slot machine has an RTP of more than 97%, then it is quite generous in return, and this figure is considered high.

The RTP is calculated as follows: take a million reel spins and divide by the amount paid to the players. The final result will be the RTP indicator.

With the help of our page, everyone can explore the list of the best payout slots online. Based on the rating of the most generous slot machines, each gamer will be able to choose slots for himself, with which he can successfully play the game.

The Loosest Slot Machines

In professional circles all slot machines concerning the percentage of payments are divided into two large categories:

  1. Loose.
  2. Tight.

The loosest slot machines are slot machines with a payout percentage (RTP) as close as possible to 100%. This means, that the emulator is generous enough for the return, and the players will receive rewards quite often.

Tight are slot machines with a more rigid mechanism. Such slot machines have a slightly low percentage of return, which means that it will not be so easy to get a reward when they are launched.

How to find a casino with the highest RTP Slots?

If you have not yet found a casino that would offer you a great game library with high-quality and generous slots, then you should take a look at our website. There you will see a list of the best, reliable, and quality online casinos, that offer a wide and varied game library. All slots are works of worldwide popular gambling software development companies.

Each client can use our list of the casinos with the highest RTP Slots without any fear because we checked each gambling and entertainment portal, also studied the reviews of real users, and based on such data, a rating was compiled.